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How to do Magazine Registration in India?

If you are looking at starting the business of publication of magazines, you are supposed to follow many norms and procedures as prescribed by the Government of India. Firstly, you will have to register the magazine that you propose to publish.

Magazine Title Registration Process

The people who want a start a magazine must know some important information. You must start a magazine legally after getting registered the magazine with your country’s newspaper and magazine council or registrar. In India Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI) looks this procedure. Without the permission of this department you can’t run your magazine. Now each country has its own government body overlooking these procedures.

First step is to get the name or title of your dream publication. To choose title you must give 4 to 5 name of your choice with their meaning in RNI. Or you can check the availability of title on RNI.

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