Barcode Registration Services

Barcode Registration

All applications must be forwarded with a covering note on your company’s letterhead.

Registration form duly filled and signed alongwith the product classification duly encircled/highlighted.

Payment of Govt fees by DD/pay order 32,500/-(Thirty Two Thousand Five Hundred Only)
for  the  requisite amount in favour of GS1 India, payable at Delhi.

Letter on Company’s letterhead requesting GS1 India to allocate a GS1 Company prefix.

FEE STRUCTURE Fees Payable one time only

      GOVT REGISTRATION FEE                                 ANNUAL FEE                            TOTAL AMOUNT
              RS.25,000/-                                                       RS.7,500/-                                RS.32,500/-
                                                                                                                           Other Charges - 10,000/-
                                                                                                                          Service Charges - 7,000/-
                                                                                                                            Total Charges - 49,500/-

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